Every day that I step into my office to write, I get a little jittery.  No, it isn’t the caffeine from what is likely at least my third cup of coffee—I haven’t had a physical reaction to caffeine since, well, ever.  I’m basically more coffee than blood now.

No, it’s the intoxicating scent of possibility that drives me.  The potential of the day, the prospect of creating new characters, new worlds, and then sharing them with people like you.  I love to make people laugh.  I love to make people feel things.  I love to write.  I use too many commas and too many em dashes and an ample amount of snark—no apologies for that!  Sometimes I accidentally say something deep!  Sometimes I purposely say something deep, or at least try to.

You are welcome here, friend.  I hope that you find your time amongst my musings time well spent.

I am a proud member of the Independent Book Publishers Association and the New England Speculative Writers.

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