Well, a week ago today Antiquity’s Gate: Three Days Till Dawn was released into the wilds of the book world. It was a pretty exciting day even though I didn’t do anything too special. I spent a lot of time on Twitter, wore a pair of socks with a hole on the left pinkie toe, drank my average outrageous amount of coffee. I did have some ice cream in lieu of an actual dinner, so I guess that could be considered exciting, right?

Just when you thought that I could lean back in my chair and scratch my head as to why I’m not famous yet (it’s been a WHOLE WEEK, right?!) you discover that I can do no such thing. There’s no time to sit back and wonder. I have sent my tiny ball of snow, my precious book baby, molded and pressed and squeezed chock full of my love, over the side of the hill. It does not want to roll on its own. It requires my assistance until it’s big and strong.

In that regard, I will continue to actively seek out reviewers for Three Days Till Dawn even while I gear up for launching book 2, Through A Mirror, Darkly on September 24th. If you are interested in reviewing Antiquity’s Gate, please feel free to contact me and we’ll talk!

If you have read the first book and are looking forward to the second, thank you for your support! If you have read neither but find yourself intrigued and considering it—thank you for your support! If you have no idea how you got to this blog post but you read it anyway…thank you for your support.

I write the stories in my head. Sharing with them you is a privilege and an honor. Stay tuned, as my next blog post will talk a bit about book 2 and its art!

You can check out early reviews of Antiquity’s Gate: Three Days Till Dawn on Goodreads. Don’t forget to add it to your “Want to read” list!

Published by R. F. Hurteau

The point at which reality blurs with imagination is usually where I am to be found. I'm already on my fifth cup of coffee.

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