Have you ever had a really bad headache or migraine, and realized that you had taken all your headache-free days for granted?

Sometimes it seems that I am only thankful when faced with adversity.  Appreciative of the days that nothing’s gone wrong only when the day seems headed in a downward spiral.  I find myself reminiscing about the little things—all the days when my nose wasn’t stuffy, or the dashboard of my car wasn’t lit up like a Christmas tree, or the roof wasn’t leaking.  It’s easy to be thankful then, isn’t it?  Because I remember that those tiny things were really amazing, weren’t they?

I would challenge you, friends, in this season and all those to follow, to try and be thankful in the moment, for the small things that add up to our lives.  Don’t wait for adversity to strike before taking a moment to enjoy the tiny blessings in your life.  Enjoy them now, to their fullest!

Published by R. F. Hurteau

The point at which reality blurs with imagination is usually where I am to be found. I'm already on my fifth cup of coffee.

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